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Kansas City Chiefs: 2013 NFL Draft Team Needs

March 5th, 2013 at 10:26 PM
By Donald Lappe

When you select first overall in the NFL Draft, chances are you have plenty of team needs. That holds true for the Kansas City Chiefs, who hold the first overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft. Facing a field of quarterback prospects unworthy of the first choice, the Chiefs have elected to trade for a quarterback, only waiting for the new league year to start on  March 12 to finish a deal with the San Francisco 49ers for Alex Smith. That crosses quarterback off the list, but where else do the Chiefs need help?

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The Kansas City Chiefs have gone ahead and put together a trade for Alex Smith, essentially agreeing with our assessment that no quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft is deserving of the top selection. Making a significant move at quarterback is a step in the right direction. Now the Chiefs will lose their second round pick, but they still have the first overall choice and plenty of other picks. What are their team needs?

Overall Talent: This is true of most of the team in the Top 10, but it's worth highlighting. If there is interest from other teams willing to trade up to the first spot, trading down wouldn't be a bad idea. There aren't any players that have really solidified themselves as the clear-cut No. 1 pick. Stockpiling draft picks is always a good thing. More than specific needs, this team needs impact players anywhere they can get them.

Defensive Line: By the same token, the Chiefs are in luck here but also in a difficult spot. There are plenty of defensive linemen with the potential to be worthy of the first overall pick (Jarvis Jones, Damontre Moore, Star Lotulelei, Shariff Floyd). The issue is that just about each one of those prospects has a red flag holding them back from being a homerun, can't-miss selection. Jarvis Jones has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Star Lotulelei had a heart condition pop up at the 2013 NFL Combine. Damontre Moore has rumored character issues. Shariff Floyd has been a late riser with no obvious flags. Can he reach the top spot?

Defensive line is a need area because the Chiefs have whiffed on defensive linemen in the first round in past NFL Draft. Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson have been fine against the run, but do very little in terms of rushing the passer. Dorsey is a free agent and Jackson is likely to be cut. They haven't been worth the investment the Chiefs made in them. Are they willing to take another shot at grabbing an impact player on the defensive line?

Offensive Line: The Chiefs can use some depth on the offensive line. They need help at Left Tackle, which could make Luke Joeckel the right pick at No. 1 overall. In the middle and later rounds, look for the Chiefs to target guards and a center to build depth and competition along the offensive line.

Wide Receiver: The Chiefs re-signed Dwayne Bowe, but they could use another wide receiver in the 2013 NFL Draft. Alex Smith is going to need some weapons around him to succeed and there's no point in going out and trading for a quarterback only to stifle him with a lack of receiving talent. Bringing back Dwayne Bowe is a start. There are plenty of wide receivers in the middle rounds who can help.

The Chiefs need plenty of help and have plenty of team needs. That's the way it is when you finish 2-14. By trading for Alex Smith they have addressed their need at quarterback, but what will they do in the 2013 NFL Draft to build around their new quarterback?


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