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2013 NFL Draft: Georgia Linebacker Alec Ogletree Charged with DUI

February 17th, 2013 at 6:58 PM
By Donald Lappe

There are plenty of prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft that have done damage to their own draft stock with poor decisions off the field. The latest is Alec Ogletree of Georgia. The linebacker was considered one of the top prospects in the entire 2013 NFL Draft, but after being charged with DUI just days before the 2013 NFL Combine, teams will have to wonder just how seriously he is taking his football career. It's not the first time Alec Ogletree has had an off-the-field issue interfere with football, as he was suspended for four games last season due to failing a drug test in the spring. He also served a suspension during his freshman year.

A pattern of irresponsible behavior off the field, especially with substance abuse involved, will make any NFL team nervous about investing a high draft pick in a prospect. Early draft picks can make or break teams and wasting one on a player who isn't serious about football or has a history of getting into trouble just isn't good business. After being charged with DUI just days before the 2013 NFL Combine, Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree has to be placed in that category.  

Beyond the act itself, in which he put his own life and others in danger by getting behind the wheel, the timing underscores the stupidity. Just days before the 2013 NFL Combine, a time when teams are going to pick into each player's personal life and try to find out about their character, isn't the time to make bad headlines. Any attempt to brush off past incidents by claiming to have learned from those mistakes is gone. Just hollow words. That won't be lost on NFL teams.

For a player just months away from being a likely Top-10 pick, it's tough to comprehend. Sadly, it's all too common. It seems like every year, whether just before the NFL Combine or at the NFL Combine, a super-talented prospect does something idiotic that turns off NFL teams. It's a lack of maturity and exposing that will make anyone think twice about handing that player a ton of guaranteed money.

Rated by most as the top inside linebacker prospect, Alec Ogletree posted 111 tackles for Georgia this season despite being suspended for the first four games of the season. He added 11.5 tackles for loss, three sacks and an interception. He was suspended for the first four games after a positive drug test in the spring. Ogletree was also suspended as a freshman after stealing someone's motorcycle helmet.

And that's the pattern of behavior. Are you willing to see your team spend a high draft pick on Alec Ogletree?


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